Teapot Costume

Swarthy Good Looks & My Impressive Spout

…I remember at some point, them forcing me to change into a small teapot costume. It was horrible, although I must admit, the spout was extremely …
The Parents on Toddlers & Tiaras

…The audience loves her splits at the end (Try doing that in a teapot costume, Morghan!). The judges show a hint of a smile. Finally, it's time to announce the…
Were you sitting comfortably? Were you listening?

…will hear my dulcet crafty tones describing to Simon Mayo how to make a teapot costume for a 10 year old girl who has been cast as Mrs Potts of Beauty…
Why I haven’t blogged in forever…

…like this lady: Which reminds me: have you ever tried to make a teapot costume for a full-grown adult woman? It's not easy. And I would know. Because my …
how to make perfectly round teapot costume for the beauty and the beast play?...

Two words for you: Hula Hoop.
It would be a nice frame for the teapot. Now how you’d put the material around it to make it stay, I’ve not the slightest. That’s

Do you know any good store/website for Halloween costumes?...

This is where I got my costume last year, it was awesome!


They have a HUGE selection – you can find anything!I won last year

Can someone please help me with my costume! Tea party themed?...

mad hatter or alice in wonderland.just go dressing normal so you will stand out from every one else their

I need help for Halloween!?...

Oh be the mad hatter!!! He’s hilariousYou should be Finn from adventure time. A bunch of people are going to be him this year so the costumes should be out. Ma

Mark teapot costume


Anushree – little teapot

Anushree in fancy dress – little teapot

USU vs. Nevada – Wild Bill Teapot – 2/2/2011

USU’s Wild Bill dresses as Beauty and the Beast’s teapot and forces a missed free throw while the crowd sings “I’m a Little Teapot”… An Instant Classic!

Hasini, the teapot !

This is Hasini’s first ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ ! Seems like she got awed by the occasion !! Shyamalie had coached her very well, at home, with the rhyme and actions. But Hasini just froze on stage !

Jodie Marsh in teapot shoes: Dare to wear?

…Jodie Marsh was hard to miss in her brightly printed frock and teapot-inspired stilettos at a TV interview this week – but would you dare to wear her outfit?…

Teapot & Hedda

teapot costume

Teapot & Caddy

teapot costume

Bourbon out of a teapot? Sheer madness!

teapot costume

nice teapot

teapot costume

Teapot Standard One-Size
- Available in One-Size fits Most Adults. – Includes: Body and hat. – Does not include tights or shoes. – Check out the rest of our oversized costumes to find a fun fit for you! Product Number #32707 Availability Standard One-Size (152177) Orders…

$ 136.99
+ $ 0.00 shipping

Teapot Adult Costume Size Standard One-Size

Includes teapot and lid hat. Flesh tights and shoes not included.. One size fits most adults.

Teapot Adult Costume Adult (Standard One-Size)

Includes teapot and lid hat. Flesh tights and shoes not included.. One size fits most adults.

Aztec Imports Tea Pot Pinata

Our Tea Pot Pinata is 14″ tall and features flowers on the pot. This pinata is ideal for a girl’s tea party.