Intergalactic Matter

intergalactic matter Matter in the space between galaxies. There is no significant amount of dust in intergalactic space, but there is ample evidence for several kinds of gas. Within galaxy clusters, the hot intracluster medium is at temperatures of typically 20 million K and has been chemically enriched by supernovae. Outside these clusters, observations of absorption lines, above all from material in front of distant and luminous quasars, shows an intricate medium tracing the large-scale distribution of ordinary matter (which must be close to that of the dark matter as well, since its gravity will be the dominant force). Hydrogen and helium absorption shows that this intergalactic matter is highly ionized everywhere, and more so in the least dense regions, where particle collisions that could lead to recombination are less frequent. Because it is so highly ionized, and only the tiny neutral fraction is observed, the amount and chemistry of this matter are still very uncertain. Even intergalactic matter in the lowest-density regions, generally most remote from luminous galaxies, has been enriched to some degree with atoms synthesized in stars, as shown by the presence of highly ionized oxygen traced in observations from FUSE and the Hubble Space Telescope. Thus the intergalactic medium is not simply leftover material that never formed galaxies: it has, at least in the early Universe, participated in the stellar recycling inside galaxies.

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Do planets exist in interstellar space, other than in orbit around stars - doe planets exist in interigalactic?...

It’s refered to as DARK MATTER. Sometimes planets get broken loose from their orbits by collisions. It’s unknown if planets can just happen on their own without


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Intergalactic Pipeline

A ‘Pipeline’of dark matter enables material to be passed from one galaxy to another.What???


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