Geminga One of the most powerful gamma-ray objects in the sky, around 500 l.y. (160 pc) from Earth. It has a period of 0.237 second, so it is most likely a short-wavelength equivalent of a pulsar, and thus the closest pulsar to Earth. No radio waves have been detected from Geminga, so it is assumed that the jets are not pointed at Earth. The name Geminga comes from Gemini gamma-ray source, since the object is in the constellation Gemini, and its Italian discoverers thought it a good name since 'geminga' in the Milanese dialect means 'it does not exist'.

There is no need to have Geminga?
There is no need to have Geminga? Inside a comment or short thread, Doug Muir said: However it…exactly; and to make issues odder, Geminga is actually (1) young-ish, close to 800,000 years…
Revisited: The sunlight — a review
area of rarefied hot gas perhaps produced as a remnant from the supernova Geminga. In case you wanted to proceed there, you’d travel about a hundred and fifty mil kilometers…
NASA’s Fermi Areas ‘Superflares’ within the Crab Nebula
in between its pulses. Both in images, the bright supply below is the Geminga deliberar. At left, areas 20 days prior to the flare; at right, Apr fourteen. Credit: NASA…
Multitude from the Month: Gemini
Clown Encounter Nebula' sama dengan NGC 2392' ), Medusa Nebula (NGC 4194), Messier item M35 as well as Geminga. Eskimo Nebula You know what this nebula is considered to resemble! Well, actually…

Is the Geminga pulsar responsible for a clear telescopic view into inter-galactic…

Is it possible that supernova Geminga could have affected earth 13,000 years…

The consequence of any kind of “shock waves” (of what character and through what medium, because space is virtually empty?) will be dissipated geometrically in third-dimensional space. With this distance, any kind of effect, includ

Geminga — a nearby deliberar

Geminga — a nearby pulsar, 552 gentle years from Earth; this video clip is slowed down somewhat, because the pulsar in fact moves once every 0.2 little time


Creation of Geminga for catch the star opposition

Martian — Geminga

Totally free download: Artist: Martian Title: Geminga Genre: Trommel and Bass Software: FL Studio room 9 Thanks for listening, take pleasure in! =)

“Semantic Summary I – V” (2003/2010) through Petru Geminga

Portion of my video art tore from the TV screen through cell phone. Executed: 2003/2004 Ripped: the year 2010 Music: “1 Ghosts I” as well as “2 Ghosts I” from book “Ghosts I–IV” through NIN (added within 2010)

Ce Rossi Prize ad KBVKJ
…E bono la pena di nominare (c'è anche nel comunicato, mother per una volta tanto aumentare non guasta) che nel 93 il premio era governo assegnato a Bignami electronic Halpern for each Geminga , nel 98 al team di BeppoSax electronic nel 2007 electronic 2011, rispettivamente,


You should be aware that the content of the book primarily includes articles available through Wikipedia or other free resources online. Geminga is really a neutron stunning

Gemini Constellation, including: Castor (star), Pollux (star), Eskimo Nebula, Messier 35, Collezione Geminorum, Geminga, Alderaan (astronomy), Epsilon … Geminorum, Ngc 2158, Dm Geminorum, Punarvasu

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